Welcome to @Vx World[EN] [FR]

The History

@Vx [avxsound] is a french musical project born in early 2002 from the mind of its unique member, Vince. At the beginning, the style was rather varied between electro, progressive and symphonic. In 2005, the project was charged with the task of designing the soundtrack for short films. Since then, @Vx [avxsound] concentrates on music for the visuals trying to compose musics with different atmospheres but by keeping a certain personal touch. In 2008, Transformation was released with the help of Stev from mind.in.a.box (vocals), and gave new perspectives to the project. In the beginning of 2009, the music orientation was tended towards electronica and more rhythmic. Shortly after, the project became silent until the awakening of early 2012. @Vx [avxsound] is now back with a brand new visual style, a new website, a blog, social pages and of course new music tracks.